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Our clients are our partners. We focus on building the right strategies for the best results because your facility's efficiency is important to us.

Maximum HVAC Efficiency is Possible.

See the results and performance your equipment was built to produce. Don’t meet expectations, exceed them with BalCon Air & Balancing.

Are your Business Goals Driven by Machinery?

Hit your targets and reduce downtime with our Reliability Solutions.

Lab Safety is Critical.

Receive comprehensive testing and validation for clean rooms, lab equipment and biological safety cabinets from the accredited and experienced BalCon Lab Safety Group.

Receiving Complaints About Occupant Discomfort?

Help your employees be more effective. Temperature, humidity, and noise have all been related to a decrease in employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Top Quality is Our Standard.

BalCon employs professional tradesmen so that our client's sheetmetal needs meet local and national codes and standards.

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We know balance. Our team is experienced in air and water balancing systems as well as ensuring the safety of your lab staff and equipment.

Want to experience maximum equipment efficiency and minimum operating costs?

Is the equipment in your lab meeting national standards? Don’t leave your facility’s safety to chance.

Do you have a backup plan if disaster strikes? Avoid damage control, get prepared.


Confident your facility is optimized for energy savings and getting the most out of technology?


Do you have the expertise to meet local and national sheetmetal fabrication standards and code?


Have you modified your building’s layout? Are employees experiencing discomfort?

Established in 1990, Balcon has over 25 years of experience in testing and maintaining HVAC Equipment, air and water balancing, and temperature control solutions. BalCon’s Lab Safety Group has been a leader in guiding safe lab environments for over 15 years.
In order to provide our clients with the best service and performance, we dedicate ourselves to continuous training and education. We are part of the NSF International and National Environmental Balancing Bureau and consult in USP 797/800 Compounding Compliance Assistance.
We have credentials and certifications, but the real proof of service is in the the trust and satisfaction of our clients. BalCon is proud to have earned a reputation for quality and outstanding service. Reliability isn’t just a solution we offer, it is how we conduct business.

Need a knowledgeable ally?

Your facility is dependent on meeting national standards and compliance. With BalCon, we keep your people safe and help your equipment reach peak performance. We understand engineering design criteria and can ensure your equipment hits the intended standards.
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