BalCon Brings Efficiency

BalCon has a reputation for providing quality service, and we’re determined to maintain it. We are a team of experts with the qualifications and training to provide inspections, guidance and maintenance on a variety of equipment in many environments.

Is your HVAC system meeting maximum efficiency with minimum operating cost? Do you need assurance your cleanroom or biological safety cabinets meet national standards? Are you confident that your facility and equipment are overall reliable?

BalCon has you covered.

BalCon Air & Water Balancing services maximize equipment efficiency while minimizing operating costs. Our advanced testing practices and technology increases occupant comfort and detects energy loss in your facility.

Our wide range of services ensure your facility has the best approach to equipment maintenance and facility safety. We use various maintenance strategies, vibration analysis, ultrasonic leak detection and fluid analysis for optimal reliability.

Our outcome-based solutions bring an innovative and consultative approach to automated building management. We maximize the capabilities of existing building automation services (BAS) and ensure you meet the pace of ever-changing facility demands.

BalCon’s lab safety group follows national standards and uses custom designed programs to provide comprehensive testing and certification for fume hoods, clean rooms and biological safety cabinets.

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Our professional tradesmen have the tools and expertise to help you meet local mechanical codes as well as Sheetmetal and Air Conditioning National Association’s (SMACNA) technical standards.

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We ensure your commercial building meets your operational needs and runs as efficiently as intended. Our team assesses your mechanical systems to reduce costs and improve comfort and productivity.

Not sure how BalCon can help your business?

We’re experts with the skills your facility needs to run at peak performance. If you have efficiency and safety goals, we have the advice to help you meet them.
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