Air & Water Balancing

Maximize Air & Hydronic System Potential

BalCon’s air and water balancing maximizes equipment efficiency and minimizes operating costs. These critical systems need routine maintenance and inspection to increase performance and overall comfort. We analyze specifications to avoid construction deficiencies and make sure the engineer’s design is met.


Why Balance?

Maximize Equipment Efficiency
Minimize Operating Costs
Generate Energy Cost Savings
Identify Potential System Issues
Maintain Compliance
Meet Design Parameters

Air & Water Balancing Services

  • Air Systems Balancing

    HVAC systems require periodic balancing to maintain operating efficiencies and improve the performance of equipment. Even new installations can be negatively influenced by outside air, inside components or occupant adjustments. By using our HVAC and air systems balancing services, we can help your facility save money, improve energy efficiency and improve overall comfort.

  • Hydronic Systems Balancing

    For better performance of hydronic equipment, your facility should undergo hydronic systems balancing. Our water balancing services ensure the proper flow of water to and from pumps and coils, providing your facility cost and energy savings.

  • Building Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

    Retro-Commissioning The process of retro-commissioning determines building deficiencies around discomfort and energy loss. The process is useful for pre-existing buildings, renovations or any building that isn’t meeting expectations BalCon retro-commissioning helps solve issues involving: Temperature Humidity Noise Drafts Energy Odors Vibration

  • Duct Leakage Testing

    BalCon measures ductwork airtightness using a duct leakage tester. Our tester consists of a calibrated fan for measuring airflow rate and a pressure-sensing device to measure the fan flow’s pressure. With this technology, we can identify the amount of wasted energy your mechanical system is generating. The information helps us fix air leaks, strategize facility improvements and provide a savings report.

  • Pre-Construction Document Check

    BalCon provides pre-construction document checks to ensure you have the most efficient process in place for your new construction. Our check will help identify potential issues that might affect the balancing and performance of the building and its systems.

  • Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Rate Measurement

    We use an Ultrasonic & Energy Rate Measurement tools to ensure your commercial building or mechanical process is operating as the design intended. Simultaneous measurement of flow and temperature enables us to pinpoint defaults in your mechanical system. Ultimately, this process improves operations and reduces energy costs.

  • Critical Space Compliance Testing

    We provide testing and adjustments to maintain compliance and compliance parameters for critical spaces like those found in hospitals and outpatient facilities.



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