Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

Bring Your Building Back to its Intended Design

Commercial buildings undergo frequent operational, design and occupancy changes. These modifications can have an adverse effect on your building’s mechanical, electrical and control systems. Our building commissioning experts use the tools from our Air & Water Balancing & Reliability Solutions divisions to get your building operating as it was intended with minimal energy costs and maximum employee comfort. Our clients typically see a reduction in operating costs and improvements to employee productivity within 6 months to 2 years with our commissioning and retro-commissioning services.

Look for the Signs it's Time to Re-commission Your Building:

Sweaters Worn During Warmer Months
Space Heaters Used During Winter & Summer
Recent Building Layout Design, Occupancy or Use Change
Increased or Inconsistent Utility Bills
Recurring Complaints of Drafts, Hot/Cold Temperatures & Noisy Ducts
Frequent Thermostat Changes and Adjustments

The Benefits of Building Commissioning/Re-Commissioning:

Maximize Equipment Efficiency
Minimize Operating Costs
Meet Design Parameters
Improve Occupant Comfort
Improve Employee Productivity
Improve Building Environment

How Changes in Layout, Occupancy and Operations Affect HVAC Performance

  • Modifications to Building's Layouts

    Adding or removing offices, installing print/copy rooms or improving the employee break room can all have adverse effects on a building’s overall mechanical system. We can often improve building performance with minor alterations to your HVAC system and by properly balancing air flow.

  • Changes in Occupancy

    When does your first employee clock in? When does the last one clock out? What are the peak occupancy hours and how has your occupancy increased/decreased over the year? All these questions lead to a better understanding of your building’s demands. Think about it this way: cooling a space for 100 people costs far less than it does for 10. We’ll make sure your HVAC system is delivering the correct amount of heating/cooling at optimal times.

  • Building Operational Changes

    A few years ago, your building was leasing space for doctors and now it is a day care. The startup on the 2nd floor house multiple servers and opened the space by tearing down a wall. Over time, a building under goes multiple changes. Unfortunately, with so many factors involved, the mechanical system and efficiency can be forgotten, affecting performance and comfort. More often than not, the heating and cooling capacity is available so only minor equipment and process adjustments are needed. However, the results and savings are monumental.

Our Commissioning/Re-Commissioning Services will Identify & Solve:

Improper Equipment Run Times
Simultaneous Heating & Cooling Spaces
Loose Motor Belts & Improperly Functioning Valves
Incorrect Control Sequences
Improper Air Distribution
Misuse of Economizers
Miscalibration of Thermostats & Control Sensors
Poor Use of Variable Frequency Drives

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