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For over 15 years, experts at BalCon have been ensuring the safety of lab environments and the employees and equipment within them. As leaders in comprehensive testing and certification for fume hoods and biological safety cabinets, BalCon is certified and practiced in providing you the safest, most efficient lab.

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USP 797/800 Compliance

BalCon Lab Safety Division provides guidance and consultation to help you determine your unique facility’s compliance needs. The compounding of drugs, both sterile and non-sterile are are constantly undergoing rapidly evolving state standards under the FDA and USP. Compliance under these regulations are critical for the safety of technicians and patients. BalCon helps you navigate those complexities without worry.

Lab Safety & Validation Services

  • Clean Room Validation

    Cleanrooms are modular environments used to control environmental factors, such as temperature, airborne particulates, microbes, relative humidity, differential pressure and airflow. Cleanroom validation is performed to ensure the facility, equipment and environment meet User Requirement Specifications (URS), defined regulations and function together as a system according to standard. Cleanrooms are validated and certified to a chosen class of ISO 14644-1, each having its unique requirements made specifically for a facility.

  • Compliant & Safe Decontaminations

    When a lab is relocated or closed, all the equipment remaining or being moved must be properly disposed of or decontaminated. The BalCon team understands the compliance and regulations that surround this process and can provide the expertise and support necessary to keep your facility and equipment safe for staff.

  • Biological Safety Cabinet

    Biological safety cabinets protect personnel, product and/or the environment from contamination. Biological safety cabinets are necessary for optimum control over product quality and reduce potential for unwanted exposure. Biological safety cabinets, tissue culture hoods and glove boxes that have been used with potentially infectious materials must be decontaminated and recertified by a qualified outside contractor. If your facility uses and plans to relocate this specialized equipment, contact your EHS Departmental Safety Advisor to discuss decontamination well in advance of the move. Most cases require the use of a disinfectant that targets the specific biological materials used within the lab.

  • Laboratories Exposed to Radiation

    Areas and equipment used with radioactive materials require additional decontamination requirements.

  • HEPA Filter Replacement

    HEPA filters are used in biological safety cabinets to maximize possible protection for products, people and the laboratory environment. For optimum performance and safety, HEPA filtration devices must be expertly designed and regularly tested and recertified. HEPA Filters in Class I & Class II Biological Safety Cabinets Class I biological safety cabinets are intended to protect the operator and environment from the product or organism inside the cabinet Class II biological safety cabinets are intended to protect the product from the environment

  • Fume Hood & Laboratory Control Systems

    Laboratories require ventilation and temperature control to optimize energy use, maintain experiment integrity and ensure personnel safety. Fume hood controls maintain the constant face velocity needed to provide containment. Properly designed laboratory controls significantly cut energy usage. It’s important that fume hoods are cleaned prior to maintenance. All laboratory personnel involved in fume hood maintenance must have the appropriate safety training. Protective equipment such as respirators, gloves, boots, waterproof clothing and eye protection should be worn during cleaning and maintenance.

  • Laminar Flow Workstations

    A laminar flow cabinet (laminar flow closet or tissue culture hood) is a carefully enclosed bench designed to prevent contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples or any particle sensitive materials. Air is drawn through a HEPA filter and blown in a very smooth, laminar flow towards the user.

  • Aseptic Compounding Isolators

    Specifically designed for compounding pharmaceutical ingredients or preparations, this form of isolator maintains an aseptic compounding environment within the isolator throughout the compounding and material transfer processes. Air exchange into the isolator from the surrounding environment should not occur unless the air has first passed through a microbiological retentive filter (HEPA minimum).



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