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BalCon’s predictive maintenance strategy development and services can help your facility identify the unidentifiable and build plans to mitigate critical failure. Your facility and equipment can suffer tremendously from inefficiencies. We can pinpoint potential problem areas, find critical issues and provide the guidance to avoid future mishaps from reoccurring. We know how crucial time can be when your facility is in need of repair, so we work fast to help you get back online in as little time as possible.

Why BalCon's Reliability Solutions?

Improved System & Facility Efficiency
Specialized Strategy for Facility Maintenance
Timely Defect & Issue Identification
Onsite Education & Guidance

Our Reliability Solutions

  • Critical Ranking

    By ranking criticality, we can provide engineering support, facilitation and training to help find and prevent weaknesses from causing trouble with equipment and your building. We consider: Which assets can cause significant downtime? Which asset failure could lead to a fatality? Which assets are critical to prevent an environmental catastrophe? Which assets have significant repair or replacement costs?

  • Maintenance Strategy Assessment

    Through this service, we prioritize which assets require detailed maintenance assessment and which should simply receive original equipment manufacturer-based (OEM) maintenance. With prioritization in place, BalCon can help you find the best approach to maintenance for your building and its assets using our wide range of predictive services and service plans.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

    By combining Failure Mode and Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Maintenance Task Assignment into a single RCM approach, we can provide detailed maintenance assessments that keep your facility powered and productive.

  • Task-Based Maintenance (TBM)

    A TBM approach is usually most efficient when criticality judgement is low or where results are needed quickly. BalCon uses a combination of the following to ensure we are prompt and accurate: Current maintenance strategies (if existing) Our equipment extensive library data OEM recommendations Risk Based Inspections (RBI) Input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Vibration Analysis

    BalCon analyzes vibration monitoring data to detect changes in rotating machinery. These vibrations can be caused by a number of elements and can result in poor performance or costly repairs. Our analysis allows us to detect these potential issues so that you can order parts, plan and execute repairs at the optimal time. Whether we are monitoring a single piece of equipment or establishing a program for your entire facility, BalCon can build a customized plan that is right for you and your specific needs. Our analysis detects: Imbalance Misalignment Bent shaft Mechanical looseness Faults in gear drives Defects in rolling-element bearings and/or sleeve bearings

  • Infrared Thermography

    The number of uses and applications infrared thermography has continues to broaden, and its use within predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring is becoming more prevalent. At BalCon, infrared thermography is used to capture images of machinery for high temperature and overheating detection in electrical panels, rotating equipment and motors. Once identified, we can effectively predict problems and develop preventative strategies. Of course, successful thermography begins long before fieldwork. BalCon starts all projects with a detailed inspection to understand the details of the task, select equipment and assess operator skills. To ensure the best results, we document our findings and discuss operator limitations, site conditions and all equipment involved.

  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection

    Simply put, leaks cost money, affect product quality and can be a disruption. Ultrasonic leak detection within a predictive maintenance program can locate gas or liquid leaks so that your your system runs at peak efficiency. BalCon provides the labor, expertise and technology to survey your facility and identify, tag and document each leak through a digital imaging and summary report.

  • Fluid Analysis

    As much as 70% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated fluids and often result in unanticipated downtime. BalCon can detect equipment failures and find the root cause of your problems to help avoid shutdowns and costly losses in production. Fluid analysis as a preventative maintenance tool can provide information on the conditions of system components without disassembly.

  • Wear Particle Analysis & Ferrography

    This process will diagnose equipment issues and predict equipment failure before it occurs. Wear particle analysis using ferrography can detect abnormal wear on the lubricated critical internal components of mechanical systems early on so they can be addressed before serious issue. Our tests analyze the debris in system lubricants while showing the size, shape, color and quantity of particles. With this information, we can pinpoint the cause and see which system component is wearing and to what degree. Our work will help prevent catastrophic equipment failure quickly and accurately. BalCon… Identifies lubricant contamination problems before costly damages occur Helps maintenance personnel monitor component deterioration for maximum use of a wearing component without risk of secondary damage Predicts potential failure early, so repairs are timely and won’t negatively impact production schedules Reduces parts inventory requirements and routine preventative overhauls

  • On-Site Training & Personnel Development

    BalCon experts know how to instruct. Our reliability solutions will perform onsite education in all of the services we provide for your facility’s personnel.



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