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  1. Lab Safety

    Improving Laboratory Efficiency

    What are the keys to laboratory efficiency and how can you reduce your energy use to lower your overall laboratory expenses?

  2. Lab Safety

    How Long Does A HEPA Filter Last In A Lab?

    By using data and manufacturers recommendations we can speculate on just how long a HEPA filter lasts in different lab and classroom setting

  3. Lab Safety

    When Should A Biosafety Cabinets Be Replaced?

    Average unit life expectancy is from 15 to 20 years and maintenance cost increase from there. So when should a biosafety cabinet be replaced?

  4. Lab Safety

    Fume Hood Face Velocity Requirements

    In this article we discuss what you need to know about fume hood face velocity requirements and why it's important to know.

  5. Lab Safety

    Fume Hood Flow Alarm

    Is your fume hood working the way it should?

  6. Lab Safety

    Ductless Fume Hood VS Ducted Fume Hood

    When you are considering buying a ductless fume hood vs ducted fume hood what major things should you consider? We cover that and more in this article.

  7. Lab Safety

    USP 800 Compliance: Wipe Sampling

    USP 800 compliance is important for health care personnel who handle hazardous drugs and all entities that transport, administer, store or prepare them.

  8. Lab Safety

    Biosafety Cabinet 101

    In this article we tackle the most common questions we get about biosafety cabinets

  9. Lab Safety

    Cleanroom Gowning Procedures

    More times than not, cleanroom contaminants come from lab personnel. That is why it is important to follow cleanroom gown procedures.

  10. Lab Safety

    Lab Energy Savings Guide 3 Economic Airflow Considerations

    Airflow…it’s one of the unique factors that sets laboratories apart from other rooms. In this article we discuss the importance of airflow, heat recovery units and ventilation.

  11. Lab Safety

    Why Is Lab Safety Important And The Shift In Who Is Responsible

    Safety is important in any environment when there is an increased risk for workers safety. Learn about the risks of occupancy changes, neglected maintenance and remodels.

  12. Lab Safety

    Laminar Flow Hood Cleaning

    Our lab safety experts share their methods for a laminar flow hood cleaning. Plus some additional tips to keep you lab safe

  13. TAB Testing

    Understanding Negative Room Pressure

    Negative room pressure is created when the air exhausted out of the room is greater than the amount of air coming into the room. Our experts explain how to get rid of it!

  14. Lab Safety

    4 Steps To Cutting Energy Costs On Fume Hoods

    Laboratories are well known to consume massive amounts of energy, and this can be directly related to fume hoods. In this article we discuss how to reduce fume hood energy consumption.

  15. Lab Safety

    BSC And Ductless Fume Hood Maintenance

    Keep your employees safe and learn about the importance of Biological Safety Cabinets and Ductless Fume Hood Maintenance. Our Lab Safety team explains it the best!